According to the Rules of “WINDROSE” ailine, children on the board are cosidered infants (INF) up to 2 years old and children (CHD) at the age of 2-12 years old.
Babies up to 2 years old transported without separate place, children at the age of 2-12 – on separate place.
Age of a child is determined by the date of commencement of transportation from airport of departure indicated in the ticket.
Each adult passenger has the right to carry with him only one infant without providing a separate place. In this case one adult passenger is allowed to carry with him no more than 2 infants – one without providing a separate place, another one – on a separate place with payment of full ticket price.
Infant for whom a separate place was paid has to be transported in a car seat for transporting children which is sertified for using in air transport. If a passenger doen’t have a car seat and fails to fulfill the conditions the air carrier has the right to refuse to transport the baby in a separate seat.
Pregnant women may be accepted for transportation by air in case the gestation period does not exceed 35 weeks the case of multiple births – 32 weeks.
Passengers with infants are provided by seats equipped with an additional qxygen mask.
It is not recommended to transport women who gave birth and newborns in the first 7 days after childbirth.

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