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Анастасия Донец
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  • Черногория, Испания,Северная Македония,
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North of Macedonia

Дата независимости
8 сентября 1991 года
македонский денар
25 713 км²
2 073 702 человек
Официальные языки
македонский, албанский
Телефонный код
Часовой пояс

North Macedonia is a mysterious country, one of the most unexplored countries in Europe.

Why visit North Macedonia?

– beautiful nature, crystal lakes and rivers, majestic mountains and forests;
– active leisure: hiking in the mountains, cycling and rock climbing;
– well-equipped ski resorts for beginners and experienced skiers;
– beach vacation on Lake Ohrid (a deep lake with clear water);
– cultural recreation: monuments of architecture and history, traditions, folklore, walks;
– health improvement – balneology, thermal resorts;
– interesting unusual festivals and fairs are held here throughout the year;
– as elsewhere in the Balkans, very bright and delicious cuisine.

North Macedonia is located in southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. The country’s closest neighbors are Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Serbia. The country is dominated by a temperate continental climate, while in the south of the country it is more Mediterranean. Summers are hot and dry here, the average temperature here is about + 18- + 22 ° C. Winters are mild and humid: the average temperature is -1 …- 3 ° C. The summer holiday season runs from May to September.

Due to the low popularity of Macedonia, there are no large crowds of tourists in the country, long lines to museums, and Macedonians are always glad to tourists. This is a country that has not been visited by tourism, and that is why it so attracts tourists. If you are looking for an inexpensive holiday in Europe in a beautiful country, then Macedonia is the perfect solution for you.

The capital of North Macedonia is Skopje, which is famous for its amazing sights such as Skopje Fortress or Kale Fortress, Alexander the Great Monument, Stone Bridge, Turkish Bazaar, Daut-Hasha Hamam and many others.

Other large cities in North Macedonia are Bitola, Kumanovo, Ohrid and Tetovo.

In North Macedonia, you can not only relax, but also get acquainted with the Orthodox culture while exploring the main attractions of the country, such as the Iversky Monastery, the Monastery of Simon Petra, the Monastery of St. Dionysius, the Monastery of St. Joachim Ozogovsky, the Church of St. John the Theologian in Kaneo, Church of St. Clement in Ohrid, Church of St. George in Kurbinovo, “Rock of Bears” in Kruzvo, Lake Ohrid, National Park “Galichitsa”, Lake Prespa, Samuel Fortress, Vardar River in Gostivar, Lake Doirani, as well as numerous picturesque villages of Macedonia …

North Macedonia will appeal to fans of event tours, as it hosts a variety of festivals and fairs, the main of which are the Summer Festival (Ohrid), Poetry Evenings (Struga), Balkan People’s Festival (Ohrid), May Opera Nights (Skopje), Old Town Festival songs (Ohrid) and the International Jazz Festival (Skopje).

For those tourists who prefer active winter sports, Macedonia will be able to offer the Mavrovo winter resort, which is located six dozen kilometers east of Skopje. Many who bought a tour to Macedonia and went to Mavrovo will really like the relatively low prices at the resort, which will allow them to spend more on souvenirs.

If you find yourself in North Macedonia, be sure to taste the local cuisine, which is famous for the mixing of culinary traditions of different peoples. Must-have dishes worth tasting:

– “burek” (puff pastry pie with meat or cheese)
– “gravche na tavche” (beans in a frying pan)
– Ohrid trout, which is sold in restaurants by weight
– dish “pastrmka” – baked trout with prunes in a pot, served with sauce with beaten eggs, garlic and herbs
– “aivar” – stewed pepper salad with beans and eggplant
– “kaymak” – fermented milk
– dessert “pulumba”, which is made from unleavened dough, fried in vegetable oil and served with sweet syrup
– Turkish kebabs
– Macedonian vodka “rakiya” (this moonshine tastes very much like Georgian “chacha” or Italian “grappa”).

Despite all its exoticism, Macedonian cuisine is considered one of the cheapest in all of Europe, so, for example, eat for 2 people. in an expensive restaurant it will cost about 20 euros, and in small cafes the average price will be about 3 euros per person.

Most tourists come to North Macedonia to get the impression of contemplating with their own eyes the many traces of an ancient civilization. Meanwhile, the beautiful Macedonia arouses genuine interest among true connoisseurs of the magnificent unique nature.

North Macedonia is a country that can surprise you with its pristine nature and natural beauty.

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