Ukraine is a wonderful land between Poland and Russia, washed by the Black and Azov Seas, which combines the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains and the steppes of Kherson, the infinity of the Dnieper and the Southern Bug, the forests of Chernigov and Slobozhanshchina. It is impossible to immediately describe all the flawlessness and infinity of the wonderful land of Ukraine, where you can meet the large industrial cities, and small villages, drowning in its magnificent quake.

Wherever you are – in the west, east, south or north of the country – you will be fascinated by the varied colors of the countryside, nature and, especially, the kindness and hospitality of people.

What can I visit and see in Ukraine?

Let’s start with traditional attractions:

The West of Ukraine is the Carpathians, with a unique culture of Hutsuls and Lemkas, the purest mountain air and healing springs. Undoubtedly, in the city of Lviv, you must visit, you will find cozy streets and cafes in European style, numerous monuments of architecture and history.

The East is certainly Kharkiv, with its wide streets and squares, built in the best traditions of Soviet architecture.

North – Chernigov region, where it is worth to visit the numerous temples, whose history dates back many centuries.

South – here no one will argue – Odessa. A beautiful city, a pearl by the sea, it has gathered in itself so many cultures and nationalities, and speech in it special – Odessa.

Center – of course, Kyiv with its many wonderful churches and temples, palaces and descents. It impresses with such an amazing combination of ancient and modern architecture.

Do not miss Uman, except that in this city there are religious buildings of almost all existing confessions, the famous Sophia Park will not leave anyone indifferent, and you will forever fall in love with it and will necessarily want to return.

Unique places of Ukraine were created by nature from water, sand, mountains, trees and boulders. In Ukraine there are unique places that amaze with scale and beauty. They are shrouded in legends and secrets, which historians are still trying to solve. Here you can restore strength, actively and interestingly spend time, as well as make a beautiful photo for memory and fall in love again.